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Skills that Paid Several Bills



Golin is a global communications firm with 50 offices around the world. They are committed to delivering the deepest insights, boldest ideas, and broadest engagement to the world’s leading brands through seamless integrated communications.


I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to write for a wide range of their brands. From behemoths like McDonalds; to smaller companies like Libbey Glass; to life changing non profits like Be the Match. They all offered me the challenge to sharpen my skills to perfection. Here is a sampling of some of that work

Libbey Glass


If you’ve ever drunk from a glass, odds are you’ve had your lips on Libbey. They rank as the top glassware manufacturer in the Americas.  They believe every occasion – big and small – is an opportunity to celebrate life. 



As the leading food-service provider in the United States, McDonalds serves a variety of wholesome options to more than 26 million customers every day.



Be the Match


Be The Match is a non profit orginization that helps patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases who need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant.


For my final intern project at Golin, myself and a team of fellow interns were tasked with creating an entire campaign geared towards raising awareness for Be the Match amongst the Millenial generation. 

Pitch Video- In addition to writng the script I was also the voice of the video that describes our key demographic

Redifining Soulmates

Finding a perfect bone marrow match is a lot like finding your soulmate; both connect with you at the core of your being and both might just change your life forever



Golin was aked to participate in an open pitch for Butterfinger candy bars. We were tasked with submitting ideas that could be used as Super Bowl content to support Butterfinger's rebranding as an "out-there" and "anything goes" kind of brand. The only instructions were that we somehow incorparate past or present football players and to push our limits and come up with something beyond crazy.



I wrote the following and was told that it was in fact...too crazy... I consider that a win. 

Butterfinger Farms- The Churning Point

What did NFL maverick Ricky Williams do when he boldly left the NFL at the prime of his career? He dropped off the map and decided to live life on his own terms, but where did he go? Recently uncovered documentary footage reveals that Williams followed his dream and founded a community that lived according to the tradition of days gone by, living peacefully and subsisting on the age-old method of Butterfinger churning. The footage reveals that as the community grew, a whole new philosophical movement sprang boldly to life. A live and let live mentality that combined the fashion sense of the Pennsylvania Dutch with the minimalist styling ethos of sexy beachwear. Williams eventually left the community he helped found to return to the NFL in 2008, but in recent interviews he has looked back fondly on the movement that grew from one man’s simple dream to churn Butterfingers to a glorified phenomenon that boldly inspired thousands to find inner-peace through Butterfinger churning.


·     - Content series in mockumentary style that details life on Butterfinger Farms


·     - People dressed like Butterfinger Farms members handing out pamphlets about life at           

         Butterfinger Farms at high profile events like Superbowl, Oscars...etc.


·     - Funny Social Posts about the Butterfinger Farms philosophy

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